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Sharing Our Story
Working Together to Promote Thanet

Working together with other businesses and stakeholders helps Thanet stand out against its competitors, and means more visitors for everyone.  

The Shared Story is a good place to start. If everyone uses the story to talk about the area, it will have a much stronger and more positive impact.  

But there are lots of other ways in which we can work together to position Thanet as a great destination, and a friendly place to explore and enjoy.

  1. Network with your neighbours 

    Get to know the businesses, attractions, and community in your local area. Establish what you have in common and how you could work together. Visitors do not just experience one business, but a whole destination, so by working together you can make sure this is a joined up and positive experience.

  2. Find out about your area and share it with others

    Show visitors the breadth and depth of the experience Thanet has to offer, and create a buzz about the destination. This will make people interested in what we have to offer and tempt them to stay longer and spend more.

  3. Form reciprocal business-to-business discounts and partnerships

    Think about the items you can procure with or from local businesses.  By buying local, you are helping to support each other and provide visitors with a unique experience.  By offering discounts to local businesses or the visitors they recommend, you are keeping spend in the area and enhancing the visitor’s positive image of the place.
  4. Build group discount packages with complementary businesses

    If a business near you has a similar target audience and complementary offer, you can work together.  For example, if an event and hotel work together to offer a special one-off package, this can help generate more business for both, up-sell the experience, and make it easier for the visitor to book.
  5. Know about key events and happenings

    You can promote events to your visitors and take advantage of the extra traffic. The website is a good place for this information.  On the day of a big event, you may have to think about operating differently, such as staying open later if necessary. Make sure your marketing reaches the people that are attending these events, so that they know you’re around the corner.

  6. Let people know about your business

    People cannot help promote your business if they do not know what is happening. Keep people informed and they can help spread the word. A good place to start is the Visit Thanet Information Team. Let us know if you have a new offering, are celebrating an anniversary, change your opening times, have joined with another business