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Cambridge Economic Impact Model 2013

The tourism industry in Thanet continues to thrive according to figures recently obtained from sector specific analysis.

The most recent tourism research commissioned by Visit Kent shows the total economic impact of tourism in Thanet was £245 million in 2013 - showing an increase of 6.5% on 2011.

The total number of visitors rose to almost 3.36 million, up by 7.3%, compared to 2011, while the total number of actual jobs rose by 8.3% to 5,932.

The figures, obtained using the Cambridge Economic Impact Model, reveal that in 2013, Kent entertained 58 million visitors and the tourism industry’s value remained strong at £3.4billion.

Director of Community Services Larissa Reed said, “These new figures really demonstrate the impact tourism has on the Thanet economy. What’s even more fantastic is that additional data collected locally in 2013 regarding the economic impact of language schools in Thanet takes the overall value of tourism up to £286 million.

These figures back up that Thanet’s tourism industry is flourishing and with the first full year of Thanet’s Destination Management Plan successfully implemented businesses have never been more supported. Tools developed as part of the plan allow local businesses to access a free marketing toolkit with PR tips and free workshops on things like social media and photography to enhance their business.

New investment is also being attracted to the area and Dreamland, which is set to be a major UK attraction when it opens this summer, is hoped to bring more of the same and support the continued boost in visitor numbers!”

Across the county, visitor numbers in Kent continue to rise compared to the previous year and the county bucks the national trend for day trips, seeing a 2% rise compared to a national average drop of 8%.

Jobs rose by 4% to 67,931 which accounts for 11% of total employment. The county was the 8th most visited in the country (excluding London) for domestic overnight trips and Kent was also the third most visit visited destination outside of London for foreign visitors, with overseas staying trips up by 7%.

In the last ten years, Kent’s tourism industry’s economic impact has risen by 42% and jobs have gone up 30% in the same period.

Chief executive of Visit Kent Sandra Matthews-Marsh said: “The overall rise in visitor numbers and jobs, and the strong value of tourism itself across the county is, once again, fantastic news. We continue to maintain a healthy stream of visitors supporting our economy, and the overseas staying visitor numbers are particularly encouraging.

“The fact that we are the third most visited destination outside of London for overseas staying visitors is great news – though we obviously want to be number one!

“Visit Kent is pleased to remain one of the UK’s most popular destinations. With so many exciting projects ahead, such as the opening of Dreamland Margate, our Magna Carta celebrations, new hotels, exciting changes at the Historic Dockyards Chatham and the planned Paramount Park, Kent is in an enviable position for the future.”

Thanet Cambridge Economic Impact Model