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Destination Management

Destination Management Framework

The Destination Management Framework (DMF) 2020 is for all partners in the destination and sets out shared key priorities for strengthening and growing the visitor economy for the next 5 years. It focuses on key things that will make the biggest difference and which can be realistically achieved by working together.

The Framework draws on views of stakeholders in Thanet’s visitor economy, including attractions, accommodation providers and event organisers. These views were gathered through meetings, interviews, an interactive workshop attended by more than 50 people and via an online industry survey. Also used was recent third-party/existing research, including localised volume and value data, the results of face to face visitor surveys and perception research, as well as national research on holiday trends and coast perceptions. The framework builds on the work achieved through the first Destination Management Plan developed in 2012/13.

The headline priorities are:

  • Vibrant Towns - making Thanet’s town centres more attractive to visitors and providing more of the right kind of accommodation.
  • Coastline Focus - focusing on providing year-round experiences, activities and facilities at key sites along the coast
  • The Isle of Thanet Promise - using strong themes from Thanet’s shared story to develop brilliant experiences and a brilliant welcome.

The Framework was commissioned by Thanet District Council (TDC) and developed by Blue Sail. TDC’s senior executive team has input to its development.

The Framework was prepared before the COVID-19 crises, but the content is still relevant and will help inform the recovery of the sector.

Read the full Destination Management Framework