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Case Studies

Thinking about how you can make your business more green and sustainable? Interested to know what other businesses are doing?

Whether it's reducing waste, providing recycling facilities for guests or using local produce, we have brought together some local business case studies to share with you to consider with your customers, premises and business operations. These are just a starting point

Accommodation - Manston Court Accommodation

Manston Court Accommodations provides three self-catering holiday properties on the edge of the village of Manston.

Located 4 miles from the coastal towns of Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate, the owners have installed an Electric Vehicle charging point for electric and hybrid vehicles. By using an electric vehicle (EV)  themselves, the owners are reducing their consumption of petrol, only filling up their petrol car three times a year. This EV charging point is promoted on the front page of the business’ website, ensuring high visibility to customers.

Manston Court Accommodations also grows bee friendly plants in their gardens and has their own beehive and hope to get more soon!

Two brick built cottages with tiled roofs and gravel path in front. Trees and bushes to right of image


Restaurant - Angela's of Margate

Angela’s and its little sister Dory’s are small local restaurants, with a simple philosophy built around minimising their impact on the environment. This philosophy is explicitly communicated on their website’s homepage.

The owner’s philosophy for both is straightforward; 'we will always consider our people and our planet first, working directly with growers, fishermen and suppliers who understand how to make the most of their produce and at the same time minimise the impact on the environment'.

The owners spend a lot of time researching the removal of plastic from their supply chain, from dairy, vegetables and oil, through to fish and salt. Despite not being zero plastic yet they are constantly striving to make their practices better.

They are also working to close the loop for a more circular economy. For example, they turn their food waste into compost in their own composting machine and provide it to the Windmill Community Gardens to support them to produce more of the raw and organic ingredients used in the restaurants.

Interior of restaurant with black wall seating, square wooden tables and  wooden chairs on right. Large window at end of tables


Other Projects - Thanet Coast Project

The project works with local people to help safeguard the wildlife and the coastline’s unique features. It is a ‘not for profit’ project run through Thanet District Council, but reliant on grants and donations.

The main remit of the project is to:

  • Raise awareness of the important marine and bird life, and how to avoid damaging them
  • Work with local people to safeguard coastal wildlife and help implement the Management Scheme action
  • Encourage and run wildlife related events and make links with wildlife, green tourism, coast-scape and the arts
  • Be a focal point for enquiries and gathering information on coastal wildlife and environmental issues
  • Keep everyone informed with progress through various means such as Facebook, Twitter, event posters, website and articles

Three adults and 2 children stood on seaweed covered rocks looking at what they have found on the beach


Other Projects - Levelling Up Green Port Project

As part of Thanet District Council's successful application for Ramsgate, worth £19.8 million from the Government's Levelling Up Fund for public sector investment, is the development and investment in Port Infrastructure which will create a Green Port.

This will provide a hub for innovation and training, allied to a modern hybrid Port, supporting renewable energy and zero carbon maritime logistics. Investing jointly with the private sector Thanet District Council will create a Green Campus, including a Centre of Excellence for offshore operations and maintenance, space for innovation in low carbon logistics and a hub for green business.

This investment will unlock the opportunity to provide real economic growth, job creation and training places in the heart of Ramsgate.

Looking across boats and yachts in harbour. Road and buildings  surrounding harbour