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Green Tourism

We all need to start taking steps to combat climate change

As a tourism team, we would like to showcase the Isle of Thanet as a responsible tourism destination and highlight those businesses that are delivering from an environmentally friendly perspective on, providing potential visitors who are increasingly seeking out places with green credentials, the relevant information


So what are we doing?

Step 1 - we have undertaken a survey with local tourism businesses to gain a better understanding of what they are doing to help combat climate change, what issues they might face and what training or information they need.

Step 2 - we will use the survey feedback to help us identify what businesses need and how we can help support this.

Step 3 - we have produced and made an accessible  short and concise list of the things businesses can do to help reduce their carbon footprint

Step 4 - we have produced a Green Tourism Toolkit specifically to assist Thanet tourism businesses.

Step 5 - look at potential training options should this be a requirement from the survey results

Step 6 - ensure, wherever possible, we highlight the businesses striving to be more environmentally friendly on our consumer website 


Within this section you can find out more about

Further information

Thanet District Council has a Climate Change Pledge and as a tourism team we have developed one

Green Tourism - leader in green grading to over 2,500 eco-friendly accommodation providers and attractions in the UK and abroad

Quality in Tourism - Environmental Social Governance 

Federation of Small Business Sustainability Hub - Grow your business. Shrink your carbon footprint

Would you like to investigate your carbon footprint and environmental impact and make steps to improve? - Attend the Steps to Environmental Management Course run by KCC 

Would you like to join a low carbon business network and receive up to date information? Join Low Carbon Kent: a network of businesses tackling and adapting to climate change. They aim to reduce costs by cutting emissions and promote the opportunities of the low carbon market. Click here and register your business! You can also call them on 03000 415111