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Pride in Our Story
How to bring our story alive and deliver on the promise

Together we can tell people our Shared Story of Thanet, but, in order for it to make an impact, we need to make sure the visitor experience matches up to our promise. 

The rise of experiential tourism where visitors are looking for unique activities which are going to create lasting memories means we have to be creative in what we offer our visitors.

Activities are a great way for experiential visitors to engage with a destination in a more meaningful way whether it is through cookery, photography, painting, walking or yoga, there is an emphasis on meeting local people, learning from experts and finding out something new.

As such, the buzzwords to use in marketing experiential travel include “expert”, “behind the scenes”, “local celebrities”, “hidden places” and “immersive”.

How can you help offer something unique and special that reflects the location you are in? How are you going to bring the story of the area alive?