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What is a Shared Story?
How to use a Shared Story

The most successful places have a simple shared story to tell that makes it clear what is unique and different about them.

Working with the local industry, we have developed a Thanet Shared Story to help your business celebrate and promote what is special about the whole area. If we work together to develop and promote Thanet in the same way, we will stand out more, which means more visitors.  

That is not to say we want everyone’s marketing to be the same – far from it.  But we hope the Shared Story will help you make more of an impact and ultimately deliver you more business.

We also hope the Shared Story will inspire you to incorporate a bit of what is special about Thanet into what you offer – whether it is using local produce, showing works of local artists, decorating in a certain style, or renaming products and services to reflect the area. This is your chance to get creative.