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Making It Happen

Delivery resources

The DMP is about new tourism activity in Thanet and about a new way of partnership working. It is essential that there is sufficient funding and people resource to make it happen. The early years are one of the biggest challenges for any destination making a step change because the success of new initiatives is not proven.

Thanet District Council will identify resources to facilitate the delivery of the DMP. The Council will support an industry leader to provide executive leadership for a DMP Steering Group with public sector and industry membership. A key initial role of this post will be to set up and facilitate the new Project Delivery Groups and provide leadership to move forward DMP projects. The executive leadership post will be supported by an enhanced Council tourism team. This will enable greater co-ordination and facilitation and provide delivery support for the DMP Steering Group.

The DMP will convene an industry event twice a year to discuss progress and share achievements.

Thanet will also look at ways to generate ongoing funding for the DMP, which might include the creation of a Business Improvement District (BID) or similar delivery and partnership structure for tourism on the coast and for the three towns. The objective is to generate additional private sector funds to deliver and support the DMP, to fund the leadership post longer-term and contribute to match funding for project funding bids.

The first 100 days of the DMP

It is essential that the DMP delivers from day one to maintain the momentum of collaborative working between partners which has characterised the development process and to inspire confidence more widely in the industry that this DMP is about making things happen.

The Project Group identified 10 actions that can happen quickly, that kick-off some of the high priority projects, get people working together and provide real benefits to the tourism industry.

These actions are to:

  1. Establish a Beach User Group for Thanet and local branches and hold inaugural meetings
  2. Identify priority issues and plan lobbying and action - The Beach User Group to lead
  3. Undertake an audit of Thanet’s beach facilities and users to inform a beach by beach approach to management and development
  4. Prioritise the top 5 coastal regeneration sites for tourism and commission photography for promotional activity which illustrates the potential of the sites
  5. Identify 5 local entrepreneurs to profile and showcase priority coastal regeneration sites
  6. Collate information and guidance on funding opportunities for heritage buildings, make available online and communicate through bespoke workshops to relevant groups across Thanet
  7. Develop the Shared Story marketing toolkit for businesses
  8. Commission photography to create an image library for tourism businesses to use
  9. Develop training for tourism businesses on how to develop effective websites, write good promotional text and use social media
  10. Incorporate marketing activity for the new market segment into the Tourism Marketing Plan for 2014.